About Us

GenderHopes is a Monaco-based non-profit organization, registered in 2012. It aims to combat gender-based discrimination and violence by raising awareness, informing policy-makers and the general public and by highlighting negative stereotypes that promote gender-based violence and discrimination.


In line with the Millennium Development Goals and more particularly the third MDG, which aims to “promote gender equality and empower women”, and specifically to eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education, GenderHopes aims to address the root causes of the continuing inequality between girls and boys, women and men.

To achieve this objective, the mission of GenderHopes is twofold:

–       To support and develop projects which empower women and girls through education and training or vocational programs. This includes combating, relieving or tackling obstacles to women and girls’ access to education, including providing information about reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and prevention of early pregnancy amongst young girls.

–       To raise awareness about gender-based discrimination and violence by informing policy-makers and the general public and by highlighting stereotypes that promote such violence and discrimination. GenderHopes partners with local schools, holds events, conducts research, writes articles and speaks at public events to raise awareness.

As a young organization, GenderHopes partners with organizations in the field to develop projects, before creating its own projects in the coming years.

The work of GenderHopes is exclusively focused in Europe and East Africa.


GenderHopes works at the local and international level. Within Monaco, it has led a research project on domestic violence. In line with our findings, we have produced an information campaign including the launch of a support website to assist individuals experiencing domestic violence in Monaco. The website www.MonacoSaysNoToViolence.org was launched on 25 November 2013. GenderHopes also lobbies for the full implementation of the CEDAW Convention by Monaco.

On the international level, GenderHopes is working on the Election Monitoring and Political Participation in Africa project for the London-based NGO Make Every Woman Count. It conducts research and interviews and contributes to the annual report.

GenderHopes is also working to raise awareness on the importance of girls’ education to change the world. GenderHopes hosted a screening of the movie Girl Rising on 11 October 2013 and Miss Representation in 2014, to mark the International Day of the Girl. It also screened The Mask You Live In in early 2015.

GenderHopes also provides consulting services for  partner organisations.

Finally, GenderHopes aims to be a resource center on gender-based violence and provides information notably on international conventions, including the CEDAW and UNSCR 1325, 1820, 1888, 1889, 1960 and 2106.


Since January 2013, GenderHopes is open for interested individuals to join as members of the Association. Membership is free of charge.

Members will receive:

–       Regular updates on the activities of GenderHopes and updates about developments on women’s rights and gender-based violence,
–       Monthly newsletters,
–       The right to participate in the General Assembly, held once a year,
–       The possibility to join us on future trips to visit projects supported by GenderHopes,
–       The option to write articles on women’s rights, gender-based violence, education of women and girls and much more, for our blog,
–       The opportunity to become a true women’s rights activist!

The official statutes of GenderHopes are available upon request.

To become a member, please email info@genderhopes.org with the subject “Membership of GenderHopes” or download Membres.GenderHopes2013 and return it to us via email to info@genderhopes.org.




GenderHopes was founded by Vibeke Brask Thomsen, who is the current Director.

Vibeke Brask Thomsen is Danish-born but raised in Monaco. After graduating with a Master in Public Policy and a Master of Arts in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Michigan, she moved to Bruxelles. She worked at ISIS Europe as a Programme Officer on arms control, disarmament, gender and security and nuclear non-proliferation. In 2011, she returned to Monaco and founded GenderHopes.

Vibeke Brask Thomsen
Founding Director
+33 6 80 86 1235

Belinda Ogden joined GenderHopes in November 2014 as Programme Coordinator. Belinda has a background in accounting, administration and organising events.  After taking time away from the formal working environment to care for her two young children, she is excited to have the opportunity to use her skill set to support the work of GenderHopes.

Belinda Ogden 
Programme Coordinator 

Kasey Robinson was born in Nottingham, England. She graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2013 with an BA Hons degree in American and Canadian Studies and English. Kasey founded and was Editor for the first American and Canadian Studies department newsletter, and President of the ACS Society as well as Student Ambassador.  Kasey interned for the US Government in Washington DC as a Market Research Intern in the US Navy’s Office of Commemorations. 

Kasey Robinson
Project Coordinator